"Bakes" a translation into the positions, normals and tangents of a geom::Source

Public Member Functions

  • Translate (const vec3 &v)
  • Translate (float x, float y, float z)
  • Translate (const vec2 &v)
  • Translate (float x, float y)
  • clone () const override
  • uint8_t
    getAttribDims (Attrib attr, uint8_t upstreamDims) const override
  • void
    process (SourceModsContext *ctx, const AttribSet &requestedAttribs) const override
  • size_t
    getNumVertices (const Modifier::Params &upstreamParams) const
  • size_t
    getNumIndices (const Modifier::Params &upstreamParams) const
  • getPrimitive (const Modifier::Params &upstreamParams) const
  • getAvailableAttribs (const Modifier::Params &upstreamParams) const

Protected Attributes

  • mat4