Getting Started

with Cinder for OS X and Windows.

Below are setup guides which help walk through the process of getting Cinder running on your machine. Choose a platform to get started with Cinder:

Tools for Cinder

tinderbox icon


TinderBox is an application included with Cinder that is designed to simplify creating new projects. It can create both Xcode and Visual Studio projects. It can also integrate CinderBlocks (prepackaged libraries for use with Cinder) into your application.



A CinderBlock is a prepackaged collection of code and libraries which implement a feature or exposes a library in Cinder. This includes bridges to libraries like OpenCV and FMOD, as well as standalone implementations of features like TUIO support. Cinder ships with several built-in CinderBlocks such as QuickTime and the LocationManager.

Cinder Guides

Getting Started

An introduction to Cinder, OpenGL, textures, shaders and more.

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Cinder 0.9 Transition

A guide for previous users to aid in the transition to Cinder’s new OpenGL API in version 0.9.0.

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Git Setup

How to get setup using Cinder and Github.

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